Celebrating World Chocolate Day with Hotel Chocolat

News: 6 July 2021

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It is World Chocolate Day on 7th July and from mellow milk to intensely dark, zesty fruit to tipsy truffles, Hotel Chocolat has something for you made with more cacao, less sugar, 100% engaged ethics and nothing artificial.

Tuck into the best-selling Everything Sleekster (£22.95) and you will not be disappointed. Containing twenty-seven of its most iconic chocolates from Eton Mess to Dizzy Praline, this star-studded milk, dark and white collection is Hotel Chocolat’s most popular box which promises everything you need for the ultimate chocolate tasting adventure.

If you prefer your chocolate in liquid form, then Everything Hot Chocolate Single Serves (£14) paired with the Velvetiser (£99.95) will have you covered. With this selection, you’ll get to experience the most beloved hot chocolate varieties. Start with the iconic Classic 70% Dark, and then move onto the Salted Caramel or tongue-tingling Mint. For silky-smooth results, pair them with its in-home hot chocolate system, The Velvetiser. All drinks created for the Velvetiser use only pure grated chocolate or cacao butter, with a deep, not-too-sweet flavour profile. The texture of your finished drink is paramount: not too thick, not too watery, but a luxuriously silky-smooth level of “just right.” Once you’ve velvetised, there’s no going back. Have a watch here.

Or go all out this World Chocolate Day and take your love of chocolate to the next level in the comfort of your own home with the Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience (£20). During this interactive chocolate tasting, hosted by a live chocolate expert, you will learn all about the world of chocolate whilst sampling the bestsellers and interacting with family, friends or whoever you choose.