2,101 gifts and treats donated to the Alive UK Christmas Appeal

News: 19 December 2023

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Over the past month, we have supported Alive UK with its annual Christmas toy and gift appeal, and we’re excited to share that 2,101 gifts and treats have been generously donated for this wonderful cause from the giving box at Chantry Place—three times the number from last year’s appeal!

The Christmas appeals helps vulnerable families in Norfolk and enable them to give presents to their children at Christmas. The generosity of our visitors has meant that more than over 2,000 children and teenagers who would not have received a gift, will receive one. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Jo Bates, operations manager at Chantry Place, said: “The sheer generosity from our visitors and the people of Norwich is extremely heartwarming, in a year when we know that people’s finances are being squeezed due to rising costs and bills. The fact that we have tripled the amount donated this year to the appeal is incredible and these presents will allow families to spread some joy and put smiles on faces.

“We have seen all ages donate and have been absolutely humbled by how so many children have been so generous too. While emptying the donation box, we overheard a little girl telling her mum that she wanted to be kind because it would be awful not to have anything for Christmas. She then proceeded to donate four presents. We’ve also learned of children who have chosen to use their pocket money to buy gifts for others, and it is truly heartening to witness that everyone has wanted to help when they can.

“On behalf of Alive UK and Chantry Place, we want to say a massive thank you for being so generous and making such a difference to our community here in Norfolk this Christmas.”

For more information on Alive UK, and to find out how you can support, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/alivechurchonline