Alive emergency response opens

News: 3 August 2021

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A new emergency response unit, Alive UK, which aims to reduce food poverty and provide emergency support for people in crisis in Norfolk, has opened at Chantry Place.

Needing donations now more than ever, Alive UK is situated on the ground floor by House of Fraser and welcomes non-perishable goods, which will be donated to people in need across Norfolk.

Donations should be dropped-off inside the Alive UK store in the Perspex boxes. We caught up with Jo Thorne, chair of trustees, and pastor of Alive Church, who commented: “Last year and into this year, we are helping more people, who, through no fault of their own, have lost jobs or had less income because of furlough. The majority of people we support are just everyday people, who each have a painful story to tell, and our challenge is that we can only support and help people who we know of and who contact us, so we also have a box in the store so that people can reach out if they need help. Of course, we rely on the kind donations of the public so that we can continue our charitable work and we will regularly be providing updates on what donations we need through social media. We hope that people continue their goodwill and help spread the word about the donation point and the charity. Thank you to Chantry Place for all your support.

Alive UK is currently appealing for food items, such as pasta sauce, tinned meat, fish and vegetables, tinned kids food, toiletries, toilet rolls, cat litter, dog and cat food, cleaning products and soap powder, as well as tents, sleeping bags and store gift cards. All products donated must be new and unopened, and should not be fresh or frozen products.

Alive UK, supported by Alive Church, is a registered charity.

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