Celebrate World Chocolate Day at Chantry Place

News: 29 June 2022

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World Chocolate Day is on 7th July, and what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to delicious chocolates that you can find here at the Centre!

Immerse yourself in chocolate at our Hotel Chocolat store that has endless tasty treats, from chocolate-filled macarons to Summer Sundaes Sleeksters and delicious bars! If you’d rather have a chocolate drink, why not treat yourself to a Velvetiser and give yourself endless chocolate drinks that go beyond World Chocolate Day?

Perhaps you’d prefer to indulge in shakes or doughnuts as a little mid-shop break! Our Shaake store and Krispy Kreme stores that are located on the lower ground floor, near the St Stephen’s entrance, have several yummy snacks to help you celebrate World Chocolate Day.

From the classic chocolate sprinkles and nutty chocolatta to the limited edition ‘The Game Changer’ that is filled with brownie batter and topped with icing and an Xbox plaque.

Or maybe you’d like a refreshing, sweet shake! Our Shaake store has every chocolate you could possibly imagine to add as a topping, including Flake, Double Decker, Smarties, Wispa, Twix, After Eight, Daim, Malteasers and so much more. If you struggle to make your mind up, they also have several Super Shakes that you can choose from, such as Let’s Go Nuts which includes Ferrero Rocher or Orange Turbo which includes Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Jaffa Cakes.

If you’re looking for something on the slightly healthier side, but still want that chocolate hit, our Holland and Barrett store sells many delicious, and healthy, sweet treats! From Chocolate Caramel Millionaire protein balls to Vegan White Chocolate Cream Wafer bars! The store is located on the upper ground floor, by the entrance that goes onto Chantry Square.

Of course, in July, the sun is shining and the temperatures are into double figures, so why not cool down with tasty ice cream from JoJos!? With flavours such as Mint Chocolate chip and chocolate fudge brownie, treat yourself to artisan ice cream on World Chocolate Day!

We also have a handful of cafes for you to enjoy a nice hot, or cold, chocolate-fuelled drink whilst taking a break from shopping. Costa, Pret, Café Nero and BBs also sell a range of pastries and cakes!

For more information on our stores, please visit: chantryplace.co.uk/stores