#Chantryplacelovestories – meet Anetta and Jim

News: 29 January 2021

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Jim and Anetta’s love story began when they met at Chantry Place, where they both work. We caught up with them to find out their Chantry Place love story…

How long have you been together?

Anetta: “About seven years, but we were friends before that. We both work in housekeeping and I joined the team about 12 years ago and Jim has worked at Chantry Place for nine years.”

So, how did romance blossom?

Anetta: “I had some trouble with my apartment and had to find somewhere else to live and I ended up moving in with Jim and someone else for a while. We needed more room, as it was only a two bedroom apartment and we got on so well, so we started renting a house and we just got closer as we spent more time together.”

Jim: “I liked her from the moment I met her!”

What do you love most about each other?

Jim: “I just love everything about her – she is so kind, caring and a brilliant cook.”

Anetta: “We love spending all our time together and I love his character and everything about him. We love travelling too.”

Congratulations on your engagement. How did Jim propose?

Anetta: “It was my birthday and I knew I would get a surprise gift, but didn’t realise it would be this! It was lovely though, such a wonderful surprise. We got engaged in February 2020.”

Jim: “It was lovely as the team at Chantry Place also got us a voucher for our engagement for a meal out but we haven’t been able to use it yet!”

Did you get the ring from Chantry Place?

Jim: “Yes, I went to Warren James as I know the team well and they are all really helpful, and we selected some diamond rings together.”

What is the best thing about working at Chantry Place?

Anetta: “The people. I love people and everyone is so friendly – the team and customers.”

Jim: “Yes, we’re all like family at work and there’s not too much pressure put on you, as long as you work hard and do a good job.”

When are you planning to get married?

Jim: “We were planning to get married last year, but the global pandemic meant we couldn’t. We’re waiting until things get back to normal and are planning to get married in Poland, where Anetta is from. They have two days of celebrations for weddings – with lots of good food and vodka! We can’t wait.”