New outdoor game launches at Escape Hunt

News: 13 July 2021

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Our friends at Escape Hunt at Chantry Place have launched a new outdoor game, Time Cops. You can save the world by working with secret agents from the future.

Here is some more about the challenge…

A way to communicate with the future, and a mission like no other; you’ve got just 90 minutes to stop the artificial intelligence from being released and save humanity. A message from the future reveals that Norwich is ground zero for a global catastrophe caused by an A.I going rogue and destroying humanity. Your team of Time Cops are the only hope of preventing this disaster.

Advanced technology company Artitech, are about to bring their first A.I. online. This programme, named H.E.L.A, will immediately go rogue and escape their servers on to the internet where it will lie, growing and learning, before emerging leaving humanity powerless to stop it. We cannot allow this to happen. It’s up to you Time Cops…  use this knowledge, stop H.E.L.A and save the future, from the past.

Booking opens on 15th July and the first playable games will be Saturday 17th July. 

Check this link to book THE ADVENTURE STARTS HERE | Escape Hunt Norwich