News: 2 October 2020

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Knapple has been brightening the streets of Norwich since 2015 with her colourful artwork and exhibitions. She is a professional artist whose work gets bigger every year and her ethos is that of freedom of speech and enlightenment. A self-confessed rebel who pushes the boundaries of modern society, Knapple aims to ‘shake and wake’. Her work has a necessary sense of humour, which she believes a lot of people seem to be missing in their lives. She claims ‘if your life isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right!’.

MissE is an emerging artist but her career has really taken off since June 2020 when she began to paint graffiti in response to the BLM movement. She has gained much notoriety and admiration for her work in such a short space of time. Her work focusses on colourful abstract paintings, intuitive doodles and the strength of her fellow black women.

Smile is a collaboration between Knapple and MissE, and is their largest work to date.